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System Identification

Identify models of dynamic systems from measured data


The System Identification app enables you to identify models of dynamic systems from measured input-output data. You can estimate both linear and nonlinear models and compare responses of different models.

Using this app you can:

  • Import, plot, and preprocess measured input-output data.

  • Estimate linear models such as transfer functions, process models, polynomial models, and state-space models using time-domain, time series, or frequency-domain data.

  • Estimate nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener models using time-domain data.

  • Validate estimated models using independent data sets.

  • Export estimated models for further analysis to MATLAB® workspace or to the Linear System Analyzer app in Control System Toolbox™.

For more information, in the System Identification app, select Help > System Identification App Help.

Open the System Identification App

  • MATLAB Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Control System Design and Analysis, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter systemIdentification.

Programmatic Use

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systemIdentification opens the System Identification app. If the app is already open, the command brings the app into focus.

systemIdentification(sessionFile) opens the app and loads a previously saved session file, sessionFile, on the MATLAB path. A session includes data sets and models in the app at the time of saving. If the app is already open, the command merges the contents of the session file with those already present in the app.

For example, systemIdentification('mySession') opens the app and loads the previously saved app session mySession.sid.

To save a session, in the System Identification app, select File > Save session. The session is saved to a file with a .sid extension.

systemIdentification(sessionFile,path) specifies the path to the session file. Use this syntax if the file is not on the MATLAB path.

For example, systemIdentification('mySession','C:\matlab\work') opens the app and loads the previously saved app session mySession.sid located at C:\matlab\work.

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Introduced before R2006a