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Release the locked state of all stages in the cascade





releaseStages(FC) calls the release method of individual stages in the dsp.FilterCascade object FC.

For instance, if a dsp.FilterCascade object consists of a dsp.FIRFilter object and a dsp.FIRInterpolator object, the releaseStages method calls the:


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Note: This example runs only in R2016b or later. If you are using an earlier release, replace each call to the function with the equivalent step syntax. For example, myObject(x) becomes step(myObject,x).

Create and release stages of a filter cascade.

firfilt = dsp.FIRFilter;
y = firfilt(randn);
FC = dsp.FilterCascade(dsp.FIRInterpolator, firfilt);
isLocked(FC.Stage2) % Returns 1
ans = logical

isLocked(FC.Stage2) % Returns 0
ans = logical

Input Arguments

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Filter cascade, specified as a dsp.FilterCascade System object™.

Introduced in R2014b