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Generate MATLAB code for a filter cascade




generateFilteringCode(FC) creates a MATLAB® function that contains code that creates the stages of a filter cascade, as defined in FC, and calls each stage in sequence. If the filters in each stage support code generation, you can generate C/C++ code from the function returned by generateFilteringCode.


generateFilteringCode(FC,fileName) generates code and saves the function to the file specified in fileName.


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This example shows how to generate a MATLAB™ function from a filter cascade. You cannot generate C/C++ code from the dsp.FilterCascade object directly, but you can generate C/C++ code from the generated function. The function defines the filter stages and calls them in sequence. The function is saved in the filename you specify.

FC = dsp.FilterCascade(dsp.FIRFilter('Numerator',ones(1,5)), dsp.FIRDecimator)
FC = 
  dsp.FilterCascade with properties:

    Stage1: [1x1 dsp.FIRFilter]
    Stage2: [1x1 dsp.FIRDecimator]

fName = 'myfilterCascade.m'; 

Examine the generated file.

type 'myfilterCascade.m'
function y = myfilterCascade(x)
%MYFILTERCASCADE Construct filter cascade and process each stage

% Generated by MATLAB(R) 9.6 and DSP System Toolbox 9.8.
% Generated on: 13-Apr-2019 02:23:58

% To generate C/C++ code from this function use the codegen command.
% Type 'help codegen' for more information.

%% Construction
persistent filter1 filter2
if isempty(filter1)
    filter1 = dsp.FIRFilter(  ...
        'Numerator', [1 1 1 1 1]);
    filter2 = dsp.FIRDecimator();

%% Process
y1 = filter1( x );
y  = filter2( y1);

Input Arguments

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Filter cascade, specified as a dsp.FilterCascade System object™.

File name where the generated function is saved, specified as a character array.

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2014b