Engineers today would not start a new DAL-A or DAL-B controls development project without using Model-Based-Design, simulation, code generation, and verification.

By using simulation, you can reduce effort and project risks when developing systems to meet the ARP4754A standard, which requires tremendous efforts at the systems engineering level for systems architecture, executable ICDs, and requirements validation.

At the component level, you can reduce software design, testing, code generation, and code verification efforts by automating those tasks.

These videos, articles, and other resources show you how to:

  • Use qualified tools in a DO-178C development process according DO-330
  • Apply Model-Based Design with MATLAB® and Simulink® to comply with DO-178C and its supplements (DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333) to get the maximum certification credit
  • Trace to requirements stored in third-party requirements management tools
  • Verify models and code for complex high-integrity systems
  • Prove that your design is robust and meets requirements and automatically generate test cases
  • Check compliance of models and code using static analysis and formal methods

Aerospace and DO-178C Compliance

Verification and Validation Workflows with Model-Based Design

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