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Lecture Slides and MATLAB Code Available

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Heat Transfer: Lessons with Examples Solved by MATLAB

By Tien-Mo Shih, University of Maryland

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts of heat transfer, including examples encountered in daily life. These examples are modeled and solved both analytically and numerically. MATLAB computer codes are included in the main text and appendices. Topics include Fourier's law, wind-chill factor, one-dimensional steady-state heat conduction, and steady-state fins. MATLAB is introduced and used to solve numerous examples in the book.

Table of Contents

  • Lesson 1: Introduction (What and Why)
  • Lesson 2: Introduction (Three Laws)
  • Lesson 3: One-Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction
  • Lesson 4: One-Dimensional Slabs with Heat Generation
  • Lesson 5: One-Dimensional Steady-State Fins
  • Lesson 6: Two-Dimensional Steady-State Conduction
  • Lesson 7: Lumped-Capacitance Models (Zero-Dimension Transient Conduction)
  • Lesson 8: One-Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction
  • Lesson 9: Two-Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction
  • Lesson 10: Forced-Convection External Flows (I)
  • Lesson 11: Forced-Convection External Flows (II)
  • Lesson 12: Forced-Convection External Flows (III)
  • Lesson 13: Internal Flows (I)-Hydrodynamic Aspect
  • Lesson 14: Internal Flow (II)-Thermal Aspect
  • Lesson 15: Internal Flow (III)-Thermal Aspect
  • Lesson 16: Free Convection
  • Lesson 17: Turbulent Heat Convection
  • Lesson 18: Heat Exchangers and Other Heat Transfer Applications
  • Lesson 19: Radiation (I)
  • Lesson 20: Radiation (II)
  • Lesson 21: Radiation (III)

MathWorks, Cognella, and Professor Tien-Mo Shih collaborated to provide a complete set of lecture slides and MATLAB code to accompany Professor Tien-Mo Shih's Heat Transfer: Lessons with Examples Solved by MATLAB text.

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