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"A First Course on Solid Mechanics" Courseware

A First Course on Solid Mechanics

Course Materials Include:

  • 5 chapters
  • Video lessons
  • Animations
  • MATLAB exercises
A First Course on Solid Mechanics

A First Course on Solid Mechanics (English and Italian)

Professor Antonio Bilotta
Informatics, Modeling, Electronics, and System Engineering
University of Calabria

This book is suitable for a six-month introductory course on solid mechanics, or scienza delle costruzioni. The material includes text, short video lessons, animations, MATLAB exercises, and various web resources. It aims to provide an introduction to both continuum mechanics (kinematics, equilibrium, and stress, as well as elasticity) and rigid systems (kinematics and statics) using MATLAB. These topics are the basis of the analysis of structures in the engineering and architectural schools. It is available in both English and Italian.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students learn the basis of kinematics of deformable bodies and the main mathematical descriptors.
  • Students learn about the continuity hypothesis and the stress tensor for the treatment of bodies under the actions of external agents.
  • Students advance their learning of elasticity concepts by using the stress-strain relation and the formulation of one-dimensional problems for the analysis of beams.
  • Students master concepts of kinematics of systems and statics of systems of rigid bodies.

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