Clinical Radiotherapy Physics with MATLAB: A Problem-Solving Approach

Clinical Radiotherapy Physics with MATLAB: A Problem-Solving Approach, written specifically for clinical radiotherapy medical physicists and medical physics trainees, teaches users how to create their own clinical applications using MATLAB.

The book begins with an introduction to MATLAB and programming. From there, chapters explore key radiotherapy areas such as handling volumes, 3D dose calculation, comparing dose distributions, reconstructing treatment plans and their summations, and automated tests for machine quality assurance. Readers will learn to independently analyze and process images, doses, structures, and other radiotherapy clinical data to deal with standard and non-standard situations in radiotherapy. This bookaims to significantly improve understanding of areas such as data nature, information content, DICOM RT standard, and data flow. It can be a reference for students of medical physics, in addition to clinical radiotherapy physicists and researchers working in radiotherapy.

In addition to MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox is used in some examples. A supplemental set of MATLAB code files is also available for download.


  • Real clinical medical physics applications derived from actual clinical problems
  • Commented MATLAB scripts working with sample data and/or own data matching input requirements
  • Promotion of critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills

About This Book

Pavel Dvorak

CRC Press, Inc., 2018

ISBN: 978-1-4987-5499-6
Language: English

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