Video and Webinar Series

What Is 3-Phase Power?

The aim of this video series is to build up your engineering knowledge on the design, analysis, and operation of 3-phase electrical power systems. The series covers a number of key topics within power systems engineering that form a strong foundation for students, educators, researchers, and industry engineers, using a combination of simulation and visualization to enhance the learning experience.

Fundamentals of 3-Phase Electricity Learn the fundamentals of 3-phase electricity and how balanced and unbalanced systems affect 3-phase power.

Star (Wye) and Delta-Connected Loads Learn about Star (Wye) and Delta-Connected Loads in 3-phase power systems and the relationship between line measurements and phase measurements for both voltage and current.

Star-Star and Star-Delta Transformers Learn about Star-Star and Star-Delta transformers in 3-phase power systems and the relationship between primary and secondary voltage magnitude and phase for different winding connections.

Symmetrical Components Learn about symmetrical components in 3-phase power systems and how a 3-phase voltage/current is decomposed into positive-sequence, negative-sequence, and zero-sequence components.

Introduction to Diode Rectifiers Learn how to convert 3-phase AC electricity to DC electricity using diode rectifiers and how voltage ripple decreases by increasing the number of diodes in a rectifier.

Introduction to Power Inverters Learn how to convert DC electricity to 3-phase electricity using power inverters and how pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used to emulate sinusoidal waveforms using high-frequency discrete switching.

Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis Learn different categories of power quality issues on an AC electrical system and how harmonic analysis is used to measure the distortion caused by power electronic devices.

Introduction to Synchronous Generators Learn the operational characteristsics of a wound-rotor synchronous generator in 3-phase electrical power systems.

Introduction to Droop Control Learn how droop control is used in 3-phase electrical power systems to form grid voltage and frequency and enable power sharing between generators.