Video and Webinar Series

Simulating a Multi-Stage Rolling Mill Process

This three part webinar series highlights the use of MathWorks products for modeling and control of a Multi-Stage Rolling Mill process. In this webinar series MathWorks engineers will show how you can:

  • Use intuitive physical modeling tools to simulate the behavior and interaction of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components of the process.
  • Rapidly model and simulate variations in the process setup.
  • Automatically tune PID controllers to regulate multiple process variables.

Presented approach will help you reduce dimensional variations in the product, decrease web breaks, and increase throughput. This approach can be readily applied to web processing applications involving paper, plastic film, and fabric.

Tension Modeling and Simulation In this particular webinar you will learn how to use MathWorks products to model the looper-strip interaction for tension control.

Tension Control In this webinar, you will learn how to design PID controllers for managing tension in a multistage rolling mill process.