Video and Webinar Series

IoT from Data to Action

The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices and sensors. ThingSpeak with built-in MATLAB code lets you collect, analyze, and act on your IoT data. See real-world examples to help you design and implement your IoT-based projects.

Getting Started with ThingSpeak Learn the basics of IoT using ThingSpeak and MATLAB. Get started with your IoT project by creating an account, logging in, and setting up a channel for an environmental monitor.

Writing and Reading Data in ThingSpeak Read and write data with your IoT devices and sensors in ThingSpeak using HTTP(s), MQTT, MATLAB, or Simulink. See how to choose and use each method with examples, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Analysis and Visualization in ThingSpeak ThingSpeak has MATLAB built in so that you can analyze and visualize your live IoT data as it comes in. Automated analyses can preprocess your data and trigger alerts. Custom visualizations show the best insights of your live results.

Act On Data in ThingSpeak Act on your IoT data with ThingSpeak and MATLAB. Schedule analysis,alerts, and other actions automatically or when your data meets preset conditions. Monitor environmental conditions or remotely control mechanical devices.Share results with everyone.