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Calculating frame rate per second for object detection
You can add some of code as belows: Declare some variables before while loop as below: fps = 0; avgfps = []; Include below t...

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How to apply Gaussian filter on images in MATLAB?
You can use imgaussfilt function for 2-D gaussian filtering as below: I = imread('mypic.jpg'); Iblur = imgaussfilt(I, 1)...

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Using a variable in an input prompt
Input argument of 'input' function should be a text. Your code shows that your input arguments of 'input' function consists o...

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How can I remove integers after the decimal points
You can use floor function which rounds toward negative infinity. A = floor(A);

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i have 20 images saved in a folder in computer now i have to convert to gray images at the time. how to convert rgb to gray ?
Supposed that your images are named as image1.png, image2.png, ... image20.png. You can do it as follows: for i = 1:20 ...

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How to convert the following jpg file to matlab.fig file
As my understanding of your question, it is pretty simple as below: img = imread('~~.jpg'); imshow(img); savefig('~...

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I want to sum the loop result which the result is indicates the total of selected input
You can code it as belows: disp('Please vote for your candidates'); a=1; b=2; c=3; d=4; result = []; for y=1:5 ...

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Undefined function 'selectStrongest' for input arguments of type 'uint8'.
Try to change the work folder to simple directory such as C:\work. It happens when there is a function or matrix files in the...

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