How to convert the following jpg file to matlab.fig file

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Chris Martin
Chris Martin . 2015년 10월 28일
Hi, I am trying to convert this .jpg file to matlab.fig file. I try with imread(*.jpg) and then imagesc(:,1:end). It do display the fig but with a red colour all over the image. Please help me

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Wanbin Song
Wanbin Song 2015년 10월 28일
As my understanding of your question, it is pretty simple as below:
img = imread('~~.jpg');
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Shashank Chandrasekaran 16BEE0334
Thank you so much!!! It worked for me.

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Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 2018년 5월 29일
I am using this code to convert .jpg file to maltab .fig but in matlab lab file there is no figure represented and if I want to convert more than one .jpg files to fig how can I. I am attaching two files.


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