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M.MUSBA Elhadid


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Automation Engineer, control systems, Radar Systems. Education: Bachelor's degree, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty, 2001 - 2006 CONTACT Location: Gaziantep, Turkey Mobilephone: +90330463988 gmail: Automation Engineer, control systems, Teaching. Career Level: Executive/Director, Technician Support.

Programming Languages:
C, MATLAB, Arduino
Spoken Languages:
Arabic, English, Turkish


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how do I code the following functions?
Firstly,you have to write the mathematical expressions using Matlab Fundamentals. Then plot the results using plot Gallery too. ...

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How can I make 1 by length x array of random numbers from -pi to pi ??
x = ones(1,100); a = [rand(1,length(x))-0.5]+linspace(-pi+0.5,pi-0.5,length(x));

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Use combvec for pairs of values
a = repmat(a,2,4);

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