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Roche de Guzman

Last seen: 2달 전 2015년부터 활동

Associate Professor, Bioengineering
ENGG 010 (MATLAB Programming for Engineers)
ENGG 081 (Introduction to Bioengineering)
ENGG 101 (Numerical Methods)
ENGG 108 (Biomaterials Lab)
ENGG 112 (Engineering Drawing)
ENGG 118 (Fundamentals of Biomaterials)
ENGG 143G (Senior Design)
ENGG 165 (Bioengineering Modeling and Simulation)
ENGG 169 (Fluid Mechanics Lab)
Biomaterials, Medical Device, Drug Delivery, Mathematical Modeling


  • Triathlon Participant
  • Scavenger Finisher
  • Thankful Level 1
  • Revival Level 1
  • Introduction to MATLAB Master
  • Community Group Solver
  • 5-Star Galaxy Level 2
  • Personal Best Downloads Level 3
  • First Review
  • First Submission
  • ASEE Challenge Master
  • Project Euler I

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