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Roche de Guzman

Last seen: 2달 전 2015년부터 활동

Associate Professor, Bioengineering
ENGG 010 (MATLAB Programming for Engineers)
ENGG 081 (Introduction to Bioengineering)
ENGG 101 (Numerical Methods)
ENGG 108 (Biomaterials Lab)
ENGG 112 (Engineering Drawing)
ENGG 118 (Fundamentals of Biomaterials)
ENGG 143G (Senior Design)
ENGG 165 (Bioengineering Modeling and Simulation)
ENGG 169 (Fluid Mechanics Lab)
Biomaterials, Medical Device, Drug Delivery, Mathematical Modeling


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DrawingFinished event No response
imshow(I,[]); % show image from image data drawroi = drawassisted; evs = events(class(drawroi)); % event source and events list...

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Issue with imdistline() function in MATLAB?
global h; h = imdistline; % activates the fx for drawing and measuring line global xc yc; xc = 0.3; yc = 0.1; % x and y convers...

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How to calculate distance in centimeters using IMDISTLINE?
global h; h = imdistline; % activates the fx for drawing and measuring line setLabelTextFormatter(h,'measure'); % message addN...

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How can I reverse black and white in a grayscale image?
I = imcomplement(I)

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How use keyboard arrow keys to control the slider GUI in App Designer?
Under the keypress fx callback: function UIFigureKeyPress(app, event) value = app.Slider.Value; % get the slider value ke...

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finding the equation of spline in matlab
For the MATLAB function: spline, use the syntax: pp = spline(x,y) to get a structure data. Then extract the coefficients of the...

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How do I include image (.jpg) in Cody Coursework problem description?
1) Create an account to OneDrive and upload your image file there. 2) Access the image file through the online site (https://on...

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code to plot epicycle
%% Epicycles % ENGG 010 Hofstra University % by Prof. Roche C. de Guzman clear; clc; close('all'); %% Given Q =...

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Hi! I need help with a graph in mathlab.
%Programa que calcula la secuencia de Collatz con un número dado % clc; clear; close all; disp('=======================...

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Index exceeds matrix dimensions
Your y For Loop counter is becoming greater than 5 (the number of columns of your matrix A). Since you are using y for indexing...

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For Loop iteratio record results
Try this using the eval function to create new variable names: Full_Matrix = xlsread('Table_try'); [numrow,numcol]=size(...

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from where i get the image set of size 1024*1024 or more for image processing in MATLAB?
Hi, here are 10 files (10 is the limit of attachment) I got from the internet (attached). I hope these help with your MATLAB pr...

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