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Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Earth and Planetary Science


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How to show r square correlation and RMSE on a scatterplot
For those who is looking for a complete set of code; Just check this

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How to create monthly average from daily data?
You can try this;

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Calculate mean from daily to monthly values
You can try this;

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Sum the daily data based on month and year
You can try this;

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How to convert daily data to monthly?
You can try this;

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Plotting only highest peaks from multiple signals
I think you are looking for this. fs = 2e3; t = (0:1/fs:1-1/fs)'; A= sin(2*pi*19*t); B= chirp(t-0.6,61,t(end),603,'quadrati...

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How do you reconstruct a test image from eigenfaces generated from Matlab pca function
You can use this MATLAB GUI for the recontruction of the image (both for colour and grayscale images)

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Sawtooth Waveform With Variable Frequency and constant amplitude
T = 10*(1/50); fs = 1000; t = 0:1/fs:T-1/fs; a=2*pi; x = a*sawtooth(2*pi*50*t,1/2); plot(t,x)

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Create a new vector with even numbers first.
x = [20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29] % Find indices where x is even: evenIndices = rem(x, 2) == 0 % Extract only the even nu...

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Connecting dots with straight line in a loop.
Follow this code.

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Random Variable with exponential distribution of Probablity Density Function
alpha=2; X=0:0.1:10; fx=(1/alpha)*exp(-X./alpha); plot(X,fx) fy=fx./(2*X); hold on plot(X,fy) legend('f(X...

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How to access gopro live streaming using image acquisition tool through WiFi
Go for this <

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High speed camera compatible with Matlab
You can check this <

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how to set dpi of 300 of tiff image in matlab
print(gcf, '-dtiff', 'myfigure.tiff');

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respected sir, if i am using syms function to calculate the value of differential equation,in result i am getting a fractional value where num and den are very can you tell me how to represent these fraction in small digits.
clc; clear all; syms z; lamda= input ('enter the vehicle arrival rate ='); r= input ('enter the transmission rang...

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