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How to assign a category to my file exchange file
The categories assigned to my file exchange files are not really appropriate. How are they chosen? How can I edit them? I suspec...

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Thorlabs CMOS camera hardware trigger
I have a very similar problem when I try to set the exposure time for a DCC1545M. Have you already found a solution? Best Regar...

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What frustrates you about MATLAB?
I think it is a shame that one has to buy a third party toolbox to use state of the art multiprecision (see https://www.advanpix...

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Simple Transport of Intensity Equation Phase Unwrapper (stiepu.m)
2D phase unwrapping is a problem of the past!

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Vectorial ray-based diffraction integral (VRBDI)
Vectorial ray-based diffraction integral (VRBDI) and simulation tools

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What frustrates you about MATLAB?
I have updated CUDA from 7 to 7.5. However, when I type gpuDevice in the console I still get ToolkitVersion: 7. I would apprecia...

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