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Thorlabs CMOS camera hardware trigger

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shabnam 3 Apr 2019
답변: Birk Andreas 7 Jun 2019
Hi everybody
I need to use hardware trigger for a DCC3260 thorlabs camera but commands in camera's .NET library manual do not work in MATLAB.
For exampleI I get this error: "The class uc480.TriggerBurst has no Constant property or Static method named 'Set' " for this command:
But when I type:
'Set' is listed among this class' methods.
Whould you please guide me how to use such commands?
Thank you


Birk Andreas
Birk Andreas 7 Jun 2019
I have a very similar problem when I try to set the exposure time for a DCC1545M. Have you already found a solution?
Best Regards,

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