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Optical Flow Vectors Direction
I have struggled with this a bit. I've come to the conclusion that video applications typically treat the rows of matrices as X ...

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Can the vectors' colours be changed when using opticalFlowFarneback?
An option would be to choose a color based on magnitude first: thisColor = whatever mapping you have between say mean(flow.Magn...

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opticalFlow components to complex vector field
Field = Vx+1i.*Vy should give you the complex vector field. Then later, real(Field) and imag(Field) can be used to get the veloc...

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opticFlow with angular/circular data
I'm trying to use opticFlowHS with angular data (phase data, -pi to pi). The trouble with using MATLAB's built-in opticFlow func...

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How to obtain velocity and magnitude vectors of the optical flow field? I am using Lucas-Kande method of optical flow.
If you're still looking for an answer: x_vel = flow.Vx; y_vel = flow.Vy; magnitudes = flow.Magnitude; orientations...

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