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opticFlow with angular/circular data

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Vishnu Sreekumar
Vishnu Sreekumar 11 Jun 2019
I'm trying to use opticFlowHS with angular data (phase data, -pi to pi). The trouble with using MATLAB's built-in opticFlow function is that gradients are calculated using normal differences whereas for angular data, you need to calculate circular differences when computing gradients. Otherwise, the algorithm will fail anytime there are phase slips. I learned this the hard way (realized it just before I was about to submit a journal article for publication).
Is there any workaround available? Is this something that the folks at MATLAB can help me with?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 11 Jun 2019
I think you mean opticalFlowHS. Just curious, is it that you're computing optic flow from angular velocities or are you computing optic flow on a curved surface such as the retina?
Vishnu Sreekumar
Vishnu Sreekumar 11 Jun 2019
Yes, opticalFlowHS is indeed what I meant. Not from the retina, from the brain where the "pixel intensity" data I input are instantaneous phase values (wrapped from -pi to pi) from EEG time series.

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