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Error in createLgraphUsingConnections
This is the example that the error message is referring to:

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This question is regarding neural network EEG classification..
I would recommend checking out this example on converting scalograms to images for use in a CNN:

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In Deep Learning Toolbox, what input layer should I use for simple dataframe-type input?
Starting R2020b, you could use featureInputLayer for a dataset containing numeric features. See this example for more details:...

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Unable to use a value of type DAGNetwork as an index.
There is no need to create a new layer graph as you already saved the last checkpoint network in the net variable which could be...

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Importing two pretrained networks in Deep Network Designer
It is possible to add a network to an already existing network in Deep Network Designer starting from R2020b. This is an examp...

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Multi-output network design in "Deep Network Designer"
It is possible to design a multi-output network in Deep Network Designer, however it is not possible to train it using Deep Netw...

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re training neural network from previous state using trainNetwork
You can do the following if Net1 is a SeriesNetwork: Net2 = trainNetwork(XTrain2, YTrain2, Net1.Layers, options); or if Net1 i...

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Error using ("Weights","none") for pretrained networks
trainFastRCNNObjectDetector requires the input lgraph to be a valid Fast R-CNN network, that's why it errors when a GoogLeNet ne...

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