Multi-output network design in "Deep Network Designer"

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Samen P
Samen P . 2021년 8월 5일
답변: Yomna Genina . 2021년 8월 19일
Is it possible to design single input/multi output network in Deep Network Designer"? If so, is there any example to show this case.
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Samen P
Samen P 2021년 8월 5일
I am using 2d spectrograms and have 10 outputs where each one could be 0 and 1. It is possible that more than one output be 1.

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Yomna Genina
Yomna Genina 2021년 8월 19일
It is possible to design a multi-output network in Deep Network Designer, however it is not possible to train it using Deep Network Designer as training multi-output networks is not support with trainNetwork.
To train a multi-output network, you could build the network first using Deep Network Designer then export the network to workspace, then convert the layer graph to a dlnetwork and use custom training to train it.
Here is an example on creating a multi-output layer graph, converting the layer graph to dlnetwork then using custom training to train the multi-output network:

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