CAD to MATLAB to Simscape Multibody

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Export a CAD assembly to a MATLAB data structure and import into a Simscape Multibody model.

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This file contains data2smixml(), which is MATLAB code that converts a MATLAB data structure into a Simscape Multibody model. A macro written in Visual Basic extracts CAD assembly information from a SolidWorks assembly into a specific MATLAB data structure. That MATLAB data structure is converted to a Simscape Multibody XML file using the MATLAB function data2smixml(). The resulting Simscape Multibody XML file can be imported into a Simscape Multibody model using smimport().
A Visual Basic macro is provided to show an algorithm for extracting data from a CAD assembly. Assemblies in SolidWorks, Wildfire, Creo (formerly Pro/Engineer), and Inventor can be exported to a SimMechanics XML file using Simscape Multibody Link. If you are using another CAD system, this example can help you write a macro for your CAD system.
Please read the README.txt file to get started.
Watch this video to see how Simscape Multibody Link works

To find other Simscape examples, search for posts with the keyword "physical modeling"

To learn more about MathWorks Simscape Products, go to:

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