imdisp (enhanced version)

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Display multiple images as a montage of subplots

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This is an enhanced version of imdisp by Oliver Woodford.
New Functions:
Keyboard shortcuts:
h: help window
t: toggle the numbered label on top-left corner
r: reverse current colormap
g: gray colormap
v: hsv colormap
j: jet color
r: reverse current colormap
u: undock current axis
m: movie mode
Space bar: play/stop movie
+/- : increase/decrease FPS
Tab: reset layout
0: default window/level
1: preset window/level [0 1]
2: preset window/level [0 2^15]
3: auto window/level based on current image
4: auto window/level based on selected region
5: auto window/level for each image
6-8: user window/level,ctrl+num to save current WL
9: set WL manually
Ctrl+Left Button: hold and move to adjust WL of current image
Shift+Left Button: adjust WL of all images
Scroll wheel: zoom current axis
Support dicom files.
load mri

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Update picture

Matlab Version >= R2014a

movie mode
bug fixes

now support dicom files
scroll wheel to zoom current axis
high light currently selected axis

bug fixes