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Display multiple images as a montage of subplots
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This function combines the functionality of IMAGE, IMAGESC, IMSHOW and MONTAGE.
In particular, it improves upon the MONTAGE function in the Image Processing Toolbox in these ways:
- Image Processing Toolbox not required
- Images are placed in subplots, so can be zoomed separately.
- Small images are properly enlarged on screen.
- Gaps can be placed between images.
- Images can be viewed on a grid smaller than the number of images.
- Surplus images can be viewed by scrolling through pages.
- A directory of images can be viewed easily, by calling IMDISP with no arguments (a visual DIR).

To see two useful modes of operation try the following:

load mri
imdisp(D, bone(256));
imdisp(D, bone(256), 'Size', 1);

Use arrow keys to scroll through the image set with the single image.

This function is now included in the sc package:
The version here will not be maintained.

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Oliver Woodford (2024). imdisp (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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버전 게시됨 릴리스 정보

Updated description as this file is included in the sc package.

Fix to bug introduced in previous update, which caused an error when supplying multiple images in a cell array.

Added support for multi-frame image files

Fixed bug affecting indexed images specified by filename (thanks to Christos Strubulis for helping to find it). Added support for more file formats for images specified by filename.

Improved image placement when using multiple monitors. The image should now always appear entirely on the screen.

A few bug fixes. Also made scrolling through image sets more responsive.

Faster when displaying an array of images. Can accept limits as an input (without the parameter name first), like imagesc and imshow.

Important bug fixes

Improved functionality for single images, to be more like IMSHOW. Name changed from MONTAGE to IMDISP to reflect this.

Bug fix

Added ability to scroll by row. Bug fixes.