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Global Optimization with MATLAB

version (1.16 MB) by Stuart Kozola
Demo files from the 2010 webinar "Global Optimization with MATLAB Products"


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This submission contains the demo files used in the Global Optimization with MATLAB webinar:
MultStart Demos

* Peaks Minimization
* Nonlinear Curve Fitting

GlobalSearch Demos

* Peaks Minimization
* Volumentric Efficiency Maximization

Simulated Annealing Demos

* Peaks Minimization
* Eight Queens Problem
* Galactic Traveling Salesman

Pattern Search Demos

* Peaks Minimization
* Mount Washington Demo

Genetic Algorithm Demos

* Peaks Minmiziation
* Rastrigins Function Minimization
* Partical Swarm Example
* Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm

Comparison of Solvers on Rastrigins Function

* Comparison of Multiple Solvers on Rastrings

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Stuart Kozola (2021). Global Optimization with MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Diana Riemer

songshan guo

songshan guo

Antonio Rafael Braga

Joseph Eom

Yvan Lengwiler

Thank you very much for this tutorial. Very helpful. In particular the way you tweak the ga to make behave like a swarm is nice. Question: is ga an implementation of the differential evolution of Storn and Price (1997)?


i´m doing research and writing my master thesis. the assessed problem is a mixed integer linear problem. i´d like to apply a PSO within the global optimization toolbox and ga algorithm.

however, the ga optimization ignores the SelectionFcn, which has been defined as the core of the PSO.
could anyone help with this problem, please?
thanks a lot in advance

sunil chhipa

nice work

t g

i am doing my university project on manufacturing cell design using PSO tool. The problem is defined as a part/machine incidence matrix which maps part and machine, and the clustering should be formed block diagonally in order to make the cells. the objective is to minimize exceptional element count (EE). the PSO particle string should contain the cell nos. and index of the string are the machine nos.
Since i am new to this field, facing problem to implement the logic and code. Can anyone help in this regards. Matlab is the interface of the program. the problem is shown in a link



Narasimha Nagaiah

Jason Miller

Looks sweet, thanks for the contribution

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