SC - powerful image rendering

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Useful tool for rendering and outputting information rich images
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SC is a useful function for displaying rich image data, of use to anyone wishing to visualize and save 2D data in ways beyond that which MATLAB built-in functions allow.
This function can be used in place of IMAGE, IMAGESC and IMSHOW, but does so much more. It is fast and displays images as they should be - correct aspect ratio, integer magnification, no axes. In addition, it can return the image as an output variable - useful for saving to disk, texture mapping surfaces, and post-rendering manipulation such as overlaying/combining two or more images.
All the MATLAB built-in colormaps are implemented, but without MATLAB's nasty discretization artifacts. Plus, there are many new colormaps which are helpful for viewing more complex data, such as optic flow, likelihoods over images, difference images, segmentations, stereo image pairs (as anaglyphs) and edge-maps with orientation. It also accepts user defined linear and non-linear colormaps.
SC comes with a complete demo, to help you get the most out of it. It doesn't require that you have any toolboxes, either.

SC makes heavy use of two of my other file exchange packages, IMDISP (id 22387) and REAL2RGB (id 23342), which are both included in this package, but are very useful in their own rights too.

Please send queries or bug reports direct to me using the "Contact Author" link on my Author page.

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Oliver Woodford (2024). SC - powerful image rendering (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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받음: imdisp, real2rgb & colormaps

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Imdisp now supports movies! Try:
imdisp(imstream('xylophone.mp4'), 'Size', 1)

Switch to GitHub repository

Added disparity, disco and whed colormaps, and updated imsc to behave more like imagesc.

Applied update to real2rgb

Added IMSC wrapper function for SC, which replicates display behaviour of IMAGESC.

Overhaul of the function, making it a wrapper for real2rgb and imdisp, with the more complex colormaps added in (including some new ones).

Allow axis labels and titles, using fix suggested by C. Chaya.

Fixed typo in the description!

Added ability for users to define linear and non-linear colormaps. Added ability to combine images within SC. Removed ability to display multiple images, as it isn't key functionality.

Saves index of multi-image view on a figure-by-figure basis

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