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PV array and grid for battery charging

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Geneve Goh
Geneve Goh 2021년 6월 18일
댓글: Geneve Goh 2021년 6월 20일
I'm facing trouble with having my batteries to charge based on the schematic. I'm not sure if the batteries are placed properly.
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Geneve Goh
Geneve Goh 2021년 6월 18일
The system is unable to provide charging for the batteries although there is power coming from pv array and grid. Do you happen to know what's the issue here? Thank you.

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Mouhamed Niasse
Mouhamed Niasse 2021년 6월 18일
You cannot just randomly connect your batteries' (+) to the AC side, the (-) to the DC side of the grid and expect to have normal result.
Check these links ( link1, link2) and open the respective examples ( 'power_FCHPS_MEA', 'parallel_battery_SC_boost_converter') in MATLAB to better understand.
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Geneve Goh
Geneve Goh 2021년 6월 20일
Hi so does this mean I’ll have to create a sub system or something? How should I synchronized the entire system before connecting them to the batteries?

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