Simulink hangs once simulation is complete

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Graham Rowe
Graham Rowe 2021년 4월 29일
답변: Steve Miller 2021년 10월 4일
I've bee trying to make a vehicle model to simulate the behaviour of a formula student car using Sumscape Multi body and MFeval.
I can run a simulation and it solves in a reasonable amount of time (5 second simulation takes ~15-20 seconds) however when it reaches 100% complete, simulink hangs and won't respond to any input for a long time (10+ minutes). While I'm waiting for simulink to respond I can still scrub forward and backwards through the timeline in the mechanics explorerer, but every other window is greyed out and won't respond. This includes scope windows and the diagnostic viewer.
I've uploaded a simulink file that gives me the results I'm describing. It's a simple quarter car model that uses the default tir file that comes with MFeval. I'm using simscape multibody to calculate the suspension kinematics and then ideal force sensors and force blocks to apply the resultant tire forces back onto the suspension.
If it helps, Solver settings:
  • Variable-step
  • ode23t (mod. stiff/Trapezoidal)
  • Relative tolerance 1e-3
  • everything else either auto or the default value.
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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang 2021년 5월 5일
Hi Graham,
It's still complaining about missing parameters for the tire model. Is there a script you use to load the .tir data?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2021년 10월 4일
Hi Graham,
I could not reproduce the behavior you were seeing. It does appear, however, that you are not connecting all outputs of MFeval to the Simscape Multibody suspension model. The Mx, My, and Mz torques are not applied to the model.
I recommend you look at the Simscape Vehicle Templates, which integrate MFeval, Simcenter Tire, and new in R2021b the Simscape Multibody Magic Formula Tire Force and Torque block into a quarter car and full car model. You can also see the Magic Formula Tire Force and Torque block in shipping example >>sm_car_heave_roll which was added in R2021b.
From the Simscape Vehicle Templates, you can see how to integrate any of these tire models into a Simscape Multibody model.


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