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Switching losses of a MOSFET

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ARYA VENUGOPAL 2021년 2월 18일
댓글: Antonino Riccobono 2021년 2월 18일
How to find switching losses of a MOSFET in a DC-DC converter?

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi 2021년 2월 18일
Hi Arya
Take a look at the ee_getPowerLossSummary function:
Hope this helps. You would require Simscape Electrical.
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Antonino Riccobono
Antonino Riccobono 2021년 2월 18일
Please, look also into the following function to be executed after running your simulation:
[eff,losstab] = ee_getEfficiency('Load_ID',out.simlog,Tstart, Tstop)
The output losstab will report on individual component losses. Notice that the result will be the sum of conducted and switching losses. Therefore, if you want to calculate pure switching losses, you'll need to analytically calculate conducted losses and subtract them to the losses reported with that function.
For a fair calculation, make sure that you calculate efficiency in steady state by specifying Tstart and Tstop.
Hope this helps,

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