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why is it impossible to use the PID tuning app when tuning a PID controller used in circuits that have PWM switchings?
Dea Hassan, The failure in the linearization process is normal due to the discontinuities associated to switching events. This...

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Why is the settling value of my TF so high when compared to my output value? How can I resolve this?
Dear Samuel, the discrepancy you're getting may be explained by the presence of other nonidealities you model with Simscape Elec...

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How can I remove the few peaks before the overshoot, so I only have the overshoot peak and then it directly transition into steady state?
Dear Samuel, The difficulties you are encountering are understandable since when you tune a specific gain of your PID controlle...

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In "frestimate(modelname,op,io,in)", it is required for each of the linearization input I/O points that the sample time of the Simulink signal where it is located is one of the following:
Hi, both input linearization point and output measurement point are required to be equally sampled and must match the perturbati...

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