How make single block diagram with this given parameters?

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Hello, I was given a block diagram for homework and I was asked to find the transfer function. I found the transfer function but I would like to test its response to ensure that block diagram simplification was done properly. I would like to make a single block and enter all parameters to compare the responses. Simulink has some transfer function blocks but I don know how to enter *s* in the denominator. Any help would be appreciated.

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper 2021년 1월 13일
Hi. If you are using a Transfer Fcn block and have the coefficients defined in your workspace, then enter the equations in the block as shown below. The result transfer function will appear as shown.
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fofoplitt 2021년 1월 13일
Thankyou. This is exatcly what I was was looking for. I didn't know how to enter more coefficients and varibles the numerator/denominator of block. I couldn't find any example in the web.

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