Substitute s for jw in a transfer function

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Inés Bodoque
Inés Bodoque 2021년 1월 11일
댓글: Inés Bodoque 2021년 1월 11일
Hi, I have a transfer function define by
G = ([1 2],[3 4 5]) (as an example)
I want to change the 's' for 'jw'. Does anyone know how to do it?
I've tried subs(G,{s},{1j*omega}) but it didn't work.

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Jon 2021년 1월 11일
I think you mean that you define your transfer function using (you forgot the tf() in your example)
G = tf([1 2],[3 4 5]) %(as an example))
Then if you want to evaluate it at a particular frequency, that is a specific value of jw, you can use
w = 3; % for example 3 radians/sec
val = evalfr(G,j*w)
You can also use the freqresp function to evaluate it for multiple values along the jw axis
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Inés Bodoque
Inés Bodoque 2021년 1월 11일
It worked! Thank you very much

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper 2021년 1월 11일
Matlab uses the reserved constant "i" which is set equal to sqrt(-1). Using your transfer function as defined try the following which will result in the variable "G" which will be a complex number.
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Inés Bodoque
Inés Bodoque 2021년 1월 11일
Thank you for your answer! I need this for a project from one of my subjects and I am not allowed to use the Control Systems Toolbox, that's why I have to do it this way

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