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How do i install MATLAB Robotics on Jetson TX2

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Jasteri Zhang
Jasteri Zhang 8 Jun 2020
답변: Remo Pillat 21 Nov 2020
I try running sudo ./install & it shows error
"./install: 1: exec: /home/nvidia/Downloads/matlab_R2020a_glnxa64/bin/unknown/install_unix_legacy: not found"
i've tried to change the ARCH value to "glnxa64" & it shows same error on "install_unix_legacy"
after change the unknown value to "glnxa64", it shows install finished (without pop out any windows & finished really fast) but i can't find matlab on my ubuntu 16.04 in Jetson TX2


Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat 21 Nov 2020
Hi Jasteri,
Sorry for the inconvenience. I suggest that you reach out to tech support ( and let them help you troubleshoot the error message you are seeing.
Based on the official systems requirements list, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS should be supported for MATLAB R2020a.

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