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Simulink/ROS: Publishing JointTrajectory Messages for end effector positions
Hi Ehtisham, Please take a look at the "Control PR2 Arm Movements" example in Robotics System Toolbox. It shows how to create a...

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Why i can't use symbolic values in trvec2tform function from Robotics Toolbox ?
Hi Othienno, Unfortunately, the trvec2tform, rotm2tform, and rotz functions only support numeric inputs, but not symbolic ones....

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Simulation 3D Camera in UAV Toolbox doesn't display output
Hi Joe, This kind of question can be best handled by Technical Support. Please contact them here:

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How do i install MATLAB Robotics on Jetson TX2
Hi Jasteri, Sorry for the inconvenience. I suggest that you reach out to tech support (

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How to represent laser scan data in only positive axis?
It sounds like Kamalova was able to solve this by using the buildMap function:

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An error occurred while running the UAV simple flight model example
This is a known issue and you can find a workaround in the following bug report:

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Gazebo Office .world
Hi Labid, You can find the relevant Gazebo files for the "Office" environment in the virtual machine you downloaded. The main ...

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ROS Indigo Virtual Machine Download
Hi Anastasios, sorry for the delay, but we had some web server infrastructure issues. Please try the download link again now;...

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