Computing an specific numerical Integral

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Coo Boo
Coo Boo 2020년 2월 8일
편집: Coo Boo 2020년 2월 8일
Can anyone help me in computing the following integral?
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Coo Boo
Coo Boo 2020년 2월 8일
Is it really so simple that it seems to be a homework? No, it's not really a homework. It is actually the first step in a research work. It is a fitness function that I have to optimize it through heuristic methods considering weights (wi) as the optimization variables.

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David Hill
David Hill 2020년 2월 8일
You could just expand the sumations since there are only 5.
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Coo Boo
Coo Boo 2020년 2월 8일
Thanks for your help.

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen 2020년 2월 8일
I think you should use a Riemann integral to estimate the answer of this integral.
Or maybe wolfram Mathematica can solve it for you.
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Coo Boo
Coo Boo 2020년 2월 8일
Thanks. But I need it in Matlab. Do you have any idea for solving it in Matlab with a 'for' loop or vectorized summation for any arbitrary n, e.g., n=100?

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