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Unrecognized function or variable

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fatimah N
fatimah N 2020년 2월 4일
댓글: fatimah N 2020년 2월 5일
I got the "Unrecognized function or variable 'options '" error message, when i run this
parsing = regexp(options, '\-', 'split');
I don't know how I can deal with this error, so can anyone please help me?
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Adam 2020년 2월 4일
What is options? Is it in your workspace? That's how you deal with it - make sure it exists as a variable that you expect regexp to act on in the workspace you are calling the function.

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Muhammad Usama Sharaf SAAFI
Muhammad Usama Sharaf SAAFI 2020년 2월 5일
This link will help you.
"options" should be a string veriable i your workspace.
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fatimah N
fatimah N 2020년 2월 5일
Thank you!

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