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How to represent laser scan data in only positive axis?

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Kamalova Albina
Kamalova Albina 28 Jan 2020
답변: Remo Pillat 6 Nov 2020
I was using robotics.OccupancyGrid class for simulating exploration by inserting rays.
Now, I am trying to use real robot (turtlebot) with real sensor (kinect) and OccpancyGrid map.
The problem is: the sensor ranges in negative and positive Y-asix. Like that:
But, OccupancyGrid map doesn't represent the negative axis:
For example, when I use raycast and insertRay methods of OccupancyGrid class, it returns me errors that negative values of robot pose and insert rays are not allowed.
What can I do? Is it possible somehow to extend negative axis in OccupancyGrid map?
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Kamalova Albina
Kamalova Albina 19 May 2020
Yes, there are range and angle values..
I solved this problem using buildMap function:

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Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat 6 Nov 2020
It sounds like Kamalova was able to solve this by using the buildMap function:
Posting this again as an answer.

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