Determine the number of y-values less than the number 2.0

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y = 2.5 + 1 * randn(100,1)
for i = 1 : N
sum= sum + y(i);
fprintf('the average of this list is %f\n', average)
for y=1:N
if y<2
disp('The number of values less than two is')
above is my code. I can't seem to get the count of values less than 2. need help
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Star Strider
Star Strider 2020년 1월 16일
The problem could be that using a variable named ‘sum’ overshadows the sum function.
It is not obvious what your code is supposed to do.

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David Hill
David Hill 2020년 1월 16일
y = 2.5 + randn(100,1);
fprintf('the average of this list is %f\n', a);
fprintf('The number of values less than two is %d\n', t);

Dominik Mattioli
Dominik Mattioli 2020년 1월 16일
First, your variable 'sum' in your first for-loop is problematic because it is overwriting a built-in MATLAB function called 'sum', rendering it unusable.
A few problems in the second for-loop - here's psuedo code of what you're doing.
y = array_of_random_numbers
For y equal to 1 through the length of y (this reassigns your variable array y to an integer, losing all information):
if y < 2, which is only true for your first iteration:
create a 1x1 logical array detailing whether my iterator is less than 2 (only true for your first iteration)
sum this 1x1 logical array
display the sum of the 1x1 array (in this case, you're only referring to the value of 'count' from your first iteration for all iterations).
Try this instead:
y = 2.5 + 1 * randn(100,1)
y_sum = sum( y, 1 ); % Rename this variable.
N = length( y );
for index = 1:N
y_sum = y_sum + y( index );
average = y_sum / N;
fprintf( 'The average of this list is: %f\n', average )
count = 0;
N = length( y );
for iter = 1:N
if y( iter ) < 2
count = count + 1;
disp( ['The number of values less than two is: ', num2str( count )] )
Alternatively, you could vectorize your code to make it more efficient and cleaner-looking:
y = 2.5 + 1 * randn(100,1)
% y_sum= sum( y, 1 ); % Your first for-loop is unneccessary if you use the built-in function.
average = mean( y )
fprintf('the average of this list is %f\n', average)
count = sum( y < 2, 1 );
disp( ['The number of values less than two is: ', num2str( count )] )


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