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Facing Error in "A Simple Finite Volume Solver for Matlab"

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Tamour Zubair
Tamour Zubair 4 Dec 2019
댓글: Walter Roberson 24 Dec 2020
anyone please help me i am quite new in matlab. In very start, i am facing the following error in 1D meshing. Thanks in advance
Undefined function or variable 'MeshStructure'.
Error in createMesh1D (line 42)
MS=MeshStructure(1, [Nx,1], CellSize, CellLocation,
FaceLocation, [1], [1]);
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Tamour Zubair
Tamour Zubair 4 Dec 2019
Thanks for your answer. Can you tell me where i can find this class or directory.?

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Arpit Bhatia
Arpit Bhatia 24 Dec 2020
Hi Tamour,
As Walter pointed out, MeshStructure is a class defined by "FVTool: Finite volume toolbox for Matlab". You can find the installation instructions on the GitHub page:

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