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If I put in a r2020b license file on the license server, will installed r2019b clients still work?
Yes, the older installations of MATLAB r2019b will continue to function as license files are backwards compatible. You may refe...

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Facing Error in "A Simple Finite Volume Solver for Matlab"
Hi Tamour, As Walter pointed out, MeshStructure is a class defined by "FVTool: Finite volume toolbox for Matlab". You can find ...

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convert arduino code to matlab code
Hi Rishabh, To convert Arduino code to MATLAB, you can use the MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware. To get started, pl...

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Can anybody suggest how to learn about embedded coder? Its User guide is 3000 + pages which seems to be time consuming.. Where to start from and how to learn in depth.
To learn Embedded Code, you can first have a look at the the “Getting Started Guide” which is only 70 pages and will help you un...

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Read multiple data from text files and storing the full data in different variables to carry tasks later individually.
Hi Amanullah, The fullfile function is only building the complete path to the selected text files and does not return the cont...

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Why does my plot change color from default blue to black after savefig()?
Hi Florian, I was not able to reproduce this error by generating the fig file based on the above code snippet and then opening...

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how do you specify which version of .NET is used
Hi Cam, Please refer to the below MATLAB Answers post on how to specify which version of .NET framework MATLAB uses. https:/...

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How to generate a .stl file starting from a 3d figure
Hi Tonino, You need to download the stlwrite.m file from the following link:

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Plotting 3D Yield Function
Hi Gabriella, The function you mentioned takes 3 input arguments (x, y and z) and hence would require a 4D plot to visualize. ...

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