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Save elements of an array in a byte variable.

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Hi to every one!
I've got a problem with an easy programming excercise.
I've got a logical matrix composed by logical elements ( mat(32,5) ). I need for each row to save the first 8 elements af the array in 1 byte variable, elements from 9 to 16 in a second byte and so on..
So that the end I will have 4 byte variables for each row to sent to arduino.
How can I do that? thank you all.

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David Hill
David Hill 7 Oct 2019
I'm not sure what your matrix looks like. Is it a logical matrix 4x8? (what is mat(32,5)? Do you want the bytes in decimal form? What format do you want you output array?
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 8 Oct 2019
benl23 's "Answer" moved here and formatted properly:
I'm sorry for the lack of information.
My basic problem is that I can't create bytes from the elements of an array.
Let's say we have a logical array of 16 elements. I will then modify the solution for my specific case.
A=[0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 ]
How from this array can I create two uint8 in a way that:

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Johannes Fischer
Johannes Fischer 8 Oct 2019
% random array of 8 rows with 4 bytes each
bin = logical(round(rand(8, 32)));
% how many bytes are there in total
NoBytes = size(bin, 2)/8*size(bin, 1);
% reshape the matrix into an array, where each row repsresents one byte
bArray = reshape(bin', [8, NoBytes])';
% now convert it into a cell array, where each cell contains a matrix of 8
% elements
bCell = num2cell(bArray, 2);
% now we take a detour over string represenation of the values to create a
% byte variable in each cell entry
bytes = cellfun(@(x) uint8(bin2dec(num2str(x))), bCell);
% reshape back into the original shape
bytes = reshape(bytes, [size(bin, 2)/8, size(bin, 1)])';

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