Track changes made to model

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Lucas 2012년 9월 11일
댓글: zhichuan wang 2018년 7월 12일
Is there a way that you can track changes that have been made to a model? Like if a parameter got changed in the Configuration Dialog box, if a block got moved/changed, a new block was added or a subsystem was converted to a reference model?
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zhichuan wang
zhichuan wang 2018년 7월 12일
If the callback can be used to find changes in subsytem will be better.

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Srinivas 2012년 9월 11일
you may want to look at

K E 2012년 9월 12일
Here are Mathwork's suggestions on managing model versions.

Ryan G
Ryan G 2012년 9월 11일
편집: Ryan G 2012년 9월 20일
You could use the Simulink Report Generator XML file compare tool on the Simulink model files. This would be the 'supported' method of doing this and if you have access to support they would be able to help you further if you run into issues.



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