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How to make block description of a simulink function block displayed above function header?
I think I get you point. You can modify the CODE TEMPLATES FILE in Configuration Parameters(Code Generation->Templates-Code tem...

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How to distinguish Subsystem and Chart by comparing their block properties in MATLAB 2017b?
* Firstly, due to the different block properties 'LibraryVersion' in MATLAB 2016a, I can distinguish them. Subsystem: ge...

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How to change the record name of Run-Time Parameter with Level 2 MATLAB S-Function in model.rtw
I use Level 2 MATLAB S-Function masked with 4 parameters to generate code as following steps: 1.Set 4 Turnable Parameters as ...

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ePWM block generate SPWM
Can you attach you model?

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HOW TO place INTERRUPT SERVICE ROUTINE into "code_ramfuncs" section
In my opinion, you can set the Configuration sets to do you want. can place the folloing statements in the Code Generat...

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