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Yannick Petrick
Yannick Petrick . 2019년 3월 9일
댓글: Munish Raj . 2019년 3월 25일
Hello together,
currently I am working on a standalone application which reads an excel-file, processes the data and creates a figure which is saved in a PowerPoint-Presentation.
I am using the Application Compiler of the deploytool to get this done. (MatLab R2018b, 9.5)
There you can choose your custom Splash Screen, which is recommended with 400 x 400 pixels. I created my Splash Screen in Adobe Ilustrator with this size and saved it as a .png.
Most of the people that will use the tool work with a notebook that is connected to a second screen. When someone starts the application the Splash Screens shows much too big for the screen (only about of the height are visible). The following GUI is displayed like it should. This is just a minor problem but the application simply looks unprofessional like this in my opinion.
Is there any way to specify the size of the Splash Screen so it is shown completely on the screen?
Thanks for your help!

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj 2019년 3월 19일
Hello Yannick,
Ideally, the application compiler will use the same number of pixels that are present in the splash screen that you specify in the GUI while building the application.
However if this does not work for you, as a work around for this problem you could do the following
1) Navigate to the folder where the exe is present.
2)Replace the 'splash.png' with the required file that you want to use
3)rename the file as splash.png
If this does not work,
Try a smaller picture, lets say a 200x200 png file.
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Munish Raj
Munish Raj 2019년 3월 25일
You're welcome Please accept the answer if it worked for you.

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