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Radar in Automated Driving Toolbox
The RADAR block gives three outputs Detections Clustered Detections Tracks The Detections only give you radial velocity. Th...

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Receiving garbage in USRP QPSK example
Use an attenuator between the Tx and Rx. During applications with high gain, some data might get clipped off. This leads to pa...

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How do I design the structure and get the element according to its corresponding index?
I understand that you want to access the values of N, M using k, g as your indices. You can exploit MATLAB’s logical indexing ...

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After dividing a 512*512 image into non overlapping two pixel blocks, why can't i perform operations on the pixel values? If i multiply a pixel value (163) with 5, it shows 255 everytime..what could be done to perform operations on the pixel values?
It is my understanding that you are not able to perform a multiplication operation (pixel*5) on individual pixels of your blocks...

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