Embedded coder generated code run on TI C2000 F28335 Ram well but not run on Flash

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I am using MatlabR2017b , CCS7.4 and two different dsp , one of TI F28335PGF and the other one is F28335ZJA. I try simply blink a led via simulink blocks by using GPIO DO and one constant block. When I use F28335ZJA i can program both ram and flash,they work well but while try on F28335PGF , I can program ram but I can't program flash. In other words led is blinking when ram is used but led is not responding when i try "boot from flash" option. In order to do my project I need program both of the card via embedded coder. If you need more information please inform me, i can send anything about problem.
Note: On F28335ZJA I use GPIO 31 and GPIO 34 -- On F28335PGF I use GPIO 61
Could you please help me ?
Best regards,

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Antonin 2019년 2월 8일
Hi Ömer,
Are you using different controlCards from TI?
Depending on the controlCard that you use, TI has placed crystals of different values.
For instance R1.1 (ZJZ), has a crystal of 20MHz while R1.0 (PGF) has a crystal of 30MHz.
This can be seen in the schematics for the different controlCards that you can find in controlSuite. On my machine here are the paths:
For R1.0: "C:\ti\controlSUITE\development_kits\~controlCARDs\CC2833xHWdevPkg\F28335controlCARD HWDevPkg PGF [R1.0]\F28335 PGF controlCARD Schematic.pdf"
For R1.1: "C:\ti\controlSUITE\development_kits\~controlCARDs\CC2833xHWdevPkg\F28335controlCARD HWDevPkg ZJZ [R1.1]\F28335controlCARD-Schem[R1.1].pdf"
You need to reflect the correct crystal value for your boards in the configuration parameters of your model under "Hardware implementation > Hardware board settings >Target hardware resources > Clocking > Oscillator clock (OSCCLK) frequency in MHz" and make sure that the "Achievable SYSCLKOUT in MHz" matches your desired CPU frequency (ideally 150MHz).
A wrong crystal value entered in the configuration parameters leads to the type of behaviors that you are describing.
Let us know if this helps,
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