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I keep encountering an error when trying to create an iddata object, and I can't understand why
Thanks man. In my problem they were two important points; 1) Convert type single to double ie. double(y). 2) Take transpose.

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Simulink - F28335 eQEP block is not working properly
Hi again everyone; This time I want so ask something about eQEP module for F28335 processor. However, before problem, let me in...

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F28335 Timer1 & Timer2 Construction - Using via Simulink
Hello everyone; Before the question let me introduce my tools; C2000 board: F28335 Matlab Model : R2017b Code Composer: CC...

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code is not generating
Hello Praveen If you haven't solve your problem yet , I may give you some clue about your problem. First of all; are you sure a...

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Embedded coder generated code run on TI C2000 F28335 Ram well but not run on Flash
I am using MatlabR2017b , CCS7.4 and two different dsp , one of TI F28335PGF and the other one is F28335ZJA. I try simply blink ...

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