Can someone pls help me with this code. (mfcc)

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Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 2018년 11월 23일
댓글: hanif omar 2021년 1월 19일
whenever I am trying to run the code it is throwing an error i.e. =>
"Undefined function or variable 'melfilter'.
Error in mfcc (line 29)
filterBankMat = melfilter(N, Fs,@hamming); % matrix for a mel-spaced filterbank
Error in phase1 (line 17)
M = mfcc(y, Fs);"
% ============================================================
function c = mfcc(y, Fs)
% MFCC Calculate the mel frequencey cepstrum coefficients (MFCC) of a signal
% Inputs:
% y : speech signal data
% Fs : sample rate in Hz of the speech signal data y
% Outputs:
% c : MFCC output, each column contains the MFCC's for one speech frame
N = 256; % frame size
M = 100; % inter frame distance
len = length(y);
numberOfFrames = 1 + floor((len - N)/double(M));
mat = zeros(N, numberOfFrames); % vector of frame vectors
for i=1:numberOfFrames
index = 100*(i-1) + 1;
for j=1:N
mat(j,i) = y(index);
index = index + 1;
hamW = hamming(N); % hamming window
afterWinMat = diag(hamW)*mat; % square diagonal matrix
freqDomMat = fft(afterWinMat); % FFT into freq domain
filterBankMat = melfilter(20,N, Fs); % matrix for a mel-spaced filterbank [HERE IT IS THROWING ERROR].
nby2 = 1 + floor(N/2);
ms = filterBankMat*abs(freqDomMat(1:nby2,:)).^2; % mel spectrum
c = dct(log(ms)); % mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients
c(1,:) = []; % exclude 0'th order cepstral coefficient

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Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 2018년 11월 23일
on the mathwork website, melfilter is gievn as predefined funcion which can be directly used. That's why I am a bit confused. And if am trying to put melfiter as an input in the argument of the function mfcc, it throws an error of not enough input defined.
what should I do now?? I want to run this code since it is my project. Pls help me !!!
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hanif omar
hanif omar 2021년 1월 19일
Dear @Gaurav Sharma , is this mfcc code start from pre emphasis ?

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Jacob Shulman
Jacob Shulman 2018년 11월 23일
if melfilter is a matrix you want to use then it must be an input to the function or be created and defined wihtin the function. functions create different new workspaces with new variables.

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