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Find sum of elements in a cell along the columns
A=cell(2,2,2) A{2,1,1}=1; A{2,2,1}=2; B=0; [rows,columns,depth]=size(A); for i=1:rows for j=1:columns if no...

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complex number separate the real signal about imag signal
Im not really sure what your asking but if the real part and imaginary part are stored in different arrays you can combine them ...

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how to apply a equation to specific row ranges of a vector?
for i=1:10 if i<=3 E(i) = (d1*(vs(i)^2)*(3*(vp(i)^2))/(vp(i)^2))/10000; elseif i<=8 E(i) = (d2*(vs(i)^2)*(3*...

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Can someone pls help me with this code. (mfcc)
if melfilter is a matrix you want to use then it must be an input to the function or be created and defined wihtin the function....

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